A true pro trading Decentralized platform powered by liquidity from Uniswap and other DeFi Dexes like Mooniswap, Bancor, Balancer, Kyber, Bounce and so forth.

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Best in class Trading Experience on Uniswap

Our platform brings you the best in class features for risk managed trading to make your uniswap trading experience easy and user friendly.


Analysis and Charts

Get live trades and charts for analysis so that you make the right choice everytime.


Token details and Token Score

Latest token details and liquidity lock information with a token score to avoid rug pulls and scam investment.

leverage order

Leverage Orders

Using existing lending services, we enable you to take leverage orders on uniswap maximising your profits with little funds.

stop loss

Limit Orders with Stop Loss

Set trigger prices for automatic selling and buying while you are away to minimise loss of funds.

multi platform

Multi Liquidity Platform

Integrating liquidity from multiple dexs like uniswap, Mooniswap and Balancer to find the best price and volume for a trading pair.

lower gas fee

Save on Gas Fees

Our unique order matching algorithm enables you to minimise gas fees on the trade.

SwitchNSwap SNS Tokens

When you hold SNS token, you get a number of benefits like reduced trading fee, governance rights and staking reward etc

SNS Token Allocation

Total Supply

50 Million
  • Reserve and Liquidity - 40%
  • Private and PreSale    - 30%
  • Team Allocation          - 15%
  • Development Fund     - 10%
  • Community & Airdrop - 5%

SwitchNSwap Roadmap

Future advancement plans of SwitchNSwap

2020 Q3

Genesis of Idea, Research, Market Observation.

SNS Airdrop.

Launch of Website.

Launch of Roadmap.

Launch of Litepaper.

2020 Q4

Uniswap Listing.

Launch of Whitepaper.

Order Execution and Settlement Engine - Prototype.

Dashboard Launch.

Alpha v0 Launch - phase 1.

Mainnet Alpha Platform Launch - phase 1.

2021 Q1

Beta Platform Launch - Phase 1.

Mainnet Alpha Platform Launch - Phase 2 (Leverage and Margin Trading).

Beta Platform Launch Phase 2.

Security Audit.

Production Live.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SwitchNSwap?

SwitchNswap is a blockchain based DeFi trading solution which uses liquidity pools of multiple automated market maker protocols like uniswap, Bancor, Mooniswap, Kyber etc. SwitchNSwap provides many additional trading features like limit order, stop loss orders, aggregation of orders to reduce gas price and leverage trading on decentralized protocols, in order to provide a smooth and convenient trading experience to users.

Does SwitchNSwap has a native token?

Yes. The local utility token of SwitchNSwap will be SNS, the SwitchNSwap Token. The SNS token is an integral part of the overall ecosystem of the platform and will have significant use cases. Holders of SNS tokens will be benefited in different ways. Some common usage of the token is identified with administration (Governance), providing liquidity on AMM protocols (e.g.Uniswap), native token for platform fee, reward tokens for providing liquidity/lending/other services on platform etc.

Who can use SwitchNSwap?

ANYONE. As we interface with decentralized liquidity providing protocols, any user with an ERC-20 compatible wallet can use the platform for placing his trade in a hassle-free manner, without having any registration or KYC requirement.

Do I need SNS token to use SwitchNSwap platform?

NO, there is no such requirement to must hold SNS token for using SwitchNSwap platform. But users having SNS token will have additional benefits and incentives including but not limited to platform fee rebates.

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